Every 10 Days A Child Dies Due to Vehicular Heat Stroke

There have already been 32 deaths in 2016 due to children being left in hot cars

You can help. Raise Awareness Now!

Every 10 Days A Child Dies Due to Vehicular Heat Stroke.

There have already been 32 deaths in 2016 due to children being left in hot cars.

You Can Help. Raise Awareness Now!

Even One Is One Too Many

Babysav is focused on bringing attention to various issues centered around health and safety. One major issue is that of children and pets being left unattended in a vehicle. Every year there are approximately 35 children that die to vehicular heatstroke, this is horrific. Not only for the loss of life but for the grieving family, regardless on how or why the situation occurred.

Even on an 80° day, the temperature inside a car can climb to between 130° and 172° within 60 minutes, according to the CDC.

The map on the right illustrates how many hot car related fatalities happened in each state from 1990 through 2013. As you can see, vehicular heatstroke is not limited to hot climate areas. Even on a cool day, a child or pet left in a car for an extended period of time will result in heat stroke, heat related injury, and possibly even death.

There are dozens of companies & agencies trying to eliminate these occurrences.

All of their solutions carry national impacts. So why do we still hear of these situations countless times per year?


From the Legislative side, we need to deal with governmental processes and enforcement challenges. We have many laws in place for safety related topics such as seat belts, but these measures require an individual to apply and use the seat belt. Currently, there is no system in place which stops anyone from bypassing this, or any other, safety restraint.


From the Education side, agencies are doing all that can be done in order to educate the public of the impacts and ways to help prevent such tradgedies from happening. The challenge with education is unless it is a daily event, it is typically easily forgotten, especially with today’s busy lifestyles.



Technology has received a lot of focus over the years; from hi-tech devices that offer remote solutions, to simple strategies such as a string or the use of your shoes. All of these remedies are intended to remind you that a child or pet are in the car.

The issue that resides with any one of these solutions is that it requires an adult, or guardian, to ensure the technology is put in place. The one day that this does not happen can be the one day that we will see the outcome on the news. Also with technology, as new cars and car seats are introduced, it requires the purchase of them. The question remains, how many people will buy a new car or car seat for that reason alone?

While each of the above solutions are truly needed and we need to continue doing whatever is required to continually improve them, at BabySav we feel it is important to point out what is missing. Awareness: A way to keep this issue and the possibility of forgetting our precious posessions behind in the car.

BabySav Stickers

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The BabySav Misson: Awareness

As with many things in our life we need constant reminders. Many people have a task list at work specifically for this reason. BabySave understands we as a society need to think differently when it comes to solving this tragic issue. We need to keep reminding everyone to rethink the last few minutes of their life, before it will be a horrific outcome of their future.

In order to do this we need to think out of the box, instead of only trying to correct what happens in the car, to solving the issue that takes place after the adult/caregiver leaves the car.

Once the guardian has left the car the clock starts ticking, we only have minutes to grab their attention and get them to go back to the vehicle. In order to do this we need to turn our attention to the location they are going: into the house, out of the parking garage, into an office or entering a store.

This is where Babysav has developed and will continue to develop solutions to remind parents and guardians, always asking the question: “FORGETTING SOMETHING?”

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Founder, Lou Molinari

Lou Molinari, Founder of BabySav

About BabySav

Over the past several decades, Lou Molinari, Founder of BabySav, has listened to the horrific news of children and pets dying in hot vehicles which seems to occur weekly, throughout the country and across the globe.

In 2003 Lou developed a “simple” technological solution. He had prototypes built, made a public release, and was ready for patenting, yet the market feedback was “no one wants to admit they MIGHT forget their kid in the car, so why should I buy?!

With children and grandchildren of his own he has always been passionate in trying to help resolve this issue.

As an Engineer and Product Development Manager, Lou is always looking to find solutions to difficult problems, and has always found ways to resolve un-solvable problems by thinking outside the box. This problem is no different. “There must be a solution,” he recently stated, then developed the premise on focusing on the missing area of attention to the problem: AWARENESS.

Babysav will be focused on AWARENESS, as this is the area that will have a greatest impact to resolving this problem, because it will be seen by all.

Lou and all of us at BabySav agree that each area of  focus: Technology, Legislation and Education, are needed, and all needs to keep evolving, and that is want Babysav will do.