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CONTACT: Louis Molinari, Founder, info@babysav.com, 480-215-8313

BabySav is giving away solutions to STOP Hot Car Deaths!
BabySav will send anyone requesting a BabySav product to stop Hot Car
Deaths now through August 31, 2017 for FREE

Chandler, Az – 8/8/2017 — BabySav wants to help stop Hot Car Deaths by supplying everyone with its current solution for FREE. To date 30 children and numerous pets have died due to this situation in the United Sates and many more worldwide. Many of these occurrences were due to the fact that the caregiver forgot or was distracted.

BabySav’s solution is addressing the problem from a unique perspective, and it solution has been called “unprecedented” due to the ability to be placed on any entry point of a home, building, retailer, etc. to help catch and remind the caregiver to double check that they may have had a child or pet before entering. BabySav has solutions deployed across the country in 1000’s of home, offices and retailers.

“At BabySav, we understand that our daily lives, routines and responsibilities to our children and pets are constantly changing, which is in part some of the cause behind this occurrence. We believe that having these Iconic reminders place at entry points to all buildings might catch the eye of the caregiver, thus having them return back to the car within the 1st few minutes, thus saving the life of a child or pet”. Mr. Louis Molinari (Founder of BabySav) has stated: “We cannot wait for legislation and other solutions to be developed and in the hands of ALL care givers. Through these solutions are needed, we need a solution TODAY, hence why BabySav wants to give ours away, as many as we can”….