Why is BabySav and Solutions like BabySav needed?
  • 39 children and unknown number of pets die each year due to a distracted or forgetful caregiver
  • 15,000 emergency calls are made yearly to unlock a vehicles where a child or pet may be inside
  • Within minutes a life can be lost based on the outside temperature as the car reacts like an oven
    • Outside Temperature of 70 degrees.. within 30 minutes the inside of a vehicles can be greater than 104 degrees
    • Outside Temperature of 100 degrees.. within 10 minutes the inside of a vehicles can be greater than 104 degrees
Recent Stories of Lifes Lost

February 28, 2018 4 PM, Miami, Florida A 1-year-old boy, Damon Cruz, died Wednesday afternoon after being found inside a car in the parking lot of a shopping plaza in Southwest Miami-Dade, police say. Homicide detectives learned the boy was left unattended in a vehicle for four hours.

April 3, 2018 6 PM, North Charleston, S.C. A 10 month old, Jack Duggan, died after being left in a car. The father of the infant informed Charleston Police that he was supposed to drop his child off at daycare but he forgot to do so.

May 10, 2018 2PM, Chesterfield County, Virginia Twin, five month old, infants who were found unresponsive in a vehicle Thursday has died, according to Chesterfield County Police. It is believed that husband just forgot the babies in the car when he got home from dropping his wife off at work.

Arizona Lives Lost Recently

July 28, 2017 4 PM, Phoenix, Az A 7-month-old, Zane Endress, died after being left in a vehicle for “several hours”. Officials said the his grandparents was unaware that the baby was left behind in the vehicle.

July 29, 2017, 3 PM, Peoria, Az A 1-year-old boy, Josiah Riggins, died after being left in car. It appears father forgot baby was in car in the church parking lot for hours.

What Can Be Done ??

We hear that parents are saying they forgot their babies in their vehicles over and over. Is it due to their in-ability to be a good parent, or are they truly be forgetful due to all the distractions around us.

Many Medical professionals say this can happen for many reasons:

  • Memory is a machine, and it is not flawless.
  • Our conscious mind prioritizes things by importance, but on a cellular level, our memory does not.
  • If you’re capable of forgetting your cell phone, you are potentially capable of forgetting your child.

BabySav is just one way to help remind us of the LOVED ones in our vehicles.