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For every $1 you donate, 80 cents goes back into developing more products to help save the lives of childrens and pets.

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Meet Lou

(pronounced: Baby Save)

Over the past several decades, Lou Molinari, Founder of BabySav – a non-profit organization, has listened to the horrific news of children and pets dying in hot vehicles, which seems to occur weekly throughout the country and across the globe.

In 2003 Lou developed a “simple” technological solution. He had prototypes built, made a public release, and was ready for patenting, yet the market feedback was “no one wants to admit they MIGHT forget their kid in the car, so why should I buy?!” With children and grandchildren of his own, he has always been passionate about resolving this issue.

As an Engineer and Product Development Manager, Lou is always looking to find solutions to difficult problems and has always found ways to resolve un-solvable issues by thinking outside the box. This problem is no different. “There must be a solution,” he recently stated, then developed the premise on focusing on the missing area of attention to the problem:


Lou Molinari – Founder

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Picture of Lou Molinari - Founder

Lou Molinari - Founder